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RISC is a wholly-owned UK company specialising in the delivery of professional research and intelligence analysis consulting and training services to law enforcement, government and the business sector.  RISC was established in 2002. While the company is only relatively young, its people have been in the business of research and intelligence consulting and training for in excess of 20 years, in fact collectively they have over 300 years of experience.

Based in Surrey, UK, RISC delivers primarily to the UK market, but also to customers worldwide. Our experienced lecturers are used to delivering courses via simultaneous translation to the delegates. Our primary courses meet the standards for Intelligence Analysis that can be viewed on the 'Skills for Justice' website - see the National Occupational Standards (NOS) standards for Intelligence Analysis. This provides an overview of the competencies that our students can acquire on our Intelligence Analysis training courses.

RISC is able to deliver its courses, workshops, seminars and tutorials to meet the needs of client agencies. RISC delivers most of the UK courses at its training venue, Wyboston Lakes Executive Training Facility in Bedfordshire UK. However, we can travel to a location of your choice if you would prefer that option.